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Orbit Gas Storage, Inc. (OGS) is a new company which has been formed in 2006 to develop the Kentucky Energy Hub and other high quality storage development opportunities.  The Kentucky Energy Hub will be regulated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.  OGS is a sister company to Orbit Gas Transmission, Inc. (OGT) which company operates in Hopkins, Muhlenberg, McLean and Christian Counties in Western Kentucky and has been in business for over 40 years.  OGT is a Kentucky local distribution company and regulated by the Public Service Commission of Kentucky.  Both are privately owned, primarily by Harold Hamm and Associated Trusts who controls a multi-billion dollar energy related asset base, mainly comprised of Hiland Partners, LP and Continental Resources Inc.

Jim Martin, President

Jim is a graduate of Purdue University, BSME. With prior positions at Texas Gas, Jim has over 26 years experience in the development of energy related expansion projects ranging from interstate pipeline and storage expansions down to supply and delivery meters.  Positions included facility planning, capital estimating, cost controls and the last 12 years in business development.  Strong and successful marketing experience has led to extensive industry contacts with all major gas marketing and trading companies, producers, pipelines and distribution companies. With Orbit, in addition to marketing the KEH project to the industry, Jim is leading a highly qualified professional team (internal and external) involved in the full spectrum of project design, development and regulatory/environmental filings with the Phase 1 FERC filing expected in 2ND Quarter 2008.

Benjamin C. Cubbage, Jr., Legal Counsel

Ben is the legal counsel and a consultant with Orbit.  A graduate of Vanderbilt University, Mr. Cubbage has been a practicing attorney in the tri-state area of Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky for many years.  He is admitted to practice in the states of Kentucky and Indiana, the Federal Courts of both states, U.S. Court of Appeals in Chicago and Cincinnati, and the Supreme Court of the United States.  Mr. Cubbage has specialized in oil and gas law and, as a result, has acquired a practical knowledge of the oil and gas business both as an attorney representing most aspects of the oil and gas business locally, and as a participant, serving as President and part owner of Orbit Gas Company (OGC), the predecessor of Orbit Gas Transmission.  Mr. Cubbage directed and managed all the operations of OGC for 15 years before selling the company to OGT in December of 2005.  While President of OGC, Mr. Cubbage supervised and was instrumental in the development of the East Diamond Gas Storage Field in Hopkins County, Kentucky, drilling 10 injection/withdrawal wells, installing compression facilities, dehydration, and building a 19 mile, 8 inch steel pipeline to a connection with a major interstate pipeline.  OGC operated that field for 15 years thereafter.

Field Operations

Combined 62 years operational experience with Orbit Gas Transmission (formally Orbit Gas Company) in western Kentucky area in the fields of natural gas exploration, production, transportation and marketing.  Currently operate approximately 85 miles of gathering lines, ranging in size from 2" to 6" in diameter including approximately 15 gas producing properties in the southern part of Hopkins County, Kentucky and adjoining counties.  Trained and certified in every aspect of natural gas production, transmission, measurement and safety.  In addition, operated East Diamond GSF (currently owned by Atmos) for 12 years including maintaining compression, dehydration and metering.


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